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At ATA Martial Arts of Lakeville, We Guarantee A Birthday Party your Children and their Friends will NEVER FORGET!

Lakeville's best kept Birthday secret is out! Imagine what it would be like to absolutely enjoy every minute of your child's birthday party. How much would you enjoy a fun-filled party with nothing to set up, nothing to cook or prepare, nothing to clean, and most importantly NOTHING TO FRET ABOUT?

Children and parents love our kidís birthday parties because they are fast paced, fun and full of surprises! Your child will be the Assistant Instructor for the day and enjoy a very cool leadership role in this fun and exciting Karate Birthday Event.

The party starts out with special martial arts games and fun drills of skill and focus led by one of our professionally trained and certified black belt instructors. Then everybody get to learn real self defense and safety moves. Using their new found skill we also TEACH the birthday child how to break a real board in front of all their friends (especially exciting)! Depending on which party package you choose all the kids could learn this too.

Then all the kids get to full their tummies pizza and drinks. After a few more fun games, we lead your child to the reserved cake cutting area so they can cut their cake with a SAMURAI SWORD (supervised of course)! Donít worry about cleaning anything up - we've got it all taken care of for you.

The instructors are always very energetic and enthusiastic. It will be one of the most thrilling and entertaining Birthday celebrations your family and friends have ever experienced.

Let ATA Martial Arts make this the best party of your child's life! As with all our award winning programs, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!

We have 3 different "all inclusive" packages to choose from.

Call 952-469-2522 NOW to schedule your child's VERY BEST Karate Birthday Party!